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Seiko Instruments USA Launches Next Generation ColorPainter M-64s Printer

Seiko Instruments USA announced today that it is now distributing the ColorPainter M-64s, a new eco-solvent, high-speed inkjet printer.

The new ColorPainter M-64s offers 64” (1,626 mm) wide printing in 6 (CMYK, Lc, Lm) or 7 colors (CMYK, Lc, Lm, Gy), with speeds up to 716 sf/h (66.5sm/h). The high speed printing capability of the ColorPainter M-64s was developed specifically to address the growing demand for high productivity from the signage and indoor graphics markets.

The ColorPainter M-64s was designed to focus on the printing speed with PVC since it is the most popular material for signage and vehicle applications, and traditionally it is the most difficult to print on. The ColorPainter M-64s prints at the fastest sellable speed in its class on PVC using low-odor, eco-solvent inks, creating stunningly rich, bold colors that last longer outdoors.

The ColorPainter M-64s will be sold throughout North America & South America and are scheduled to start shipping this month.


1. Eco- Solvent SX ink
Now you can have outstanding outdoor durability with an eco-solvent ink set. This ink set offers an industry-leading, 3-years outdoor durability (*1) without lamination. Also, has the highest sellable image quality in its class at maximum printing speed.

2. True Monochrome Printing
The 7-color model allows the use of gray ink. The addition of gray to the standard 6 color ink set improves real monochrome printing with no color shift, and offers smoother gradations in color prints. The 7 color configuration gives the ColorPainter M-64s a distinct image quality advantage.

3. Automatic Print Adjustment
This new function uses an optical sensor to automatically calibrate the printer when new media is loaded. Just run the auto print adjustment and then start printing with maximum quality.

4. On-Carriage Ionizer
The on-carriage ionizer neutralizes static electricity on the media, automatically reducing static-related print issues - even in low humidity environments.

5. Smart Pass Technology 4 (SP4)
Now with a new dot control algorithm that controls ink flow and mixing to generate ideal dot size on various medias; resulting in superior image quality. This makes the printer perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications and reduces banding at high-speeds in each print mode.

6. Smart Nozzle Mapping 2 (SNM2)
A new dot control algorithm has upgraded the performance of the Smart Nozzle Mapping function in the M-64s, hiding missing nozzles better when clogs occur.

7. Dynamic Dot Printing Technology (DDP)
Controls and optimizes dot size and dot density to make consistently rich bold glossy colors with fine details. DDP also facilitates high density printing without any speed loss, giving the M-64s backlit film capabilities that no other printer can match.

8. Improved Media Take-up Unit
Now handles media roll weights up to 110lbs (50kg). A new slide out mechanism makes loading and unloading media easier than ever.

9. Media Lifter
Media lifting mechanism helps operator load and unload the media on the printer.

10. Remote communication function
CP Manager software, the bundled controller software that comes free with every ColorPainter, can now notify an operator by email or Twitter (*2) message. CP Manager can be operated directly from a PC, tablet or cell phone and now communicates in even more ways to keep you informed about what the printer is doing. It also allows the operator to remotely control and initiate operations.

11. Two Year Parts Limited Warranty
The ColorPainter M-64s comes with 2-year limited warranty. Warranty support is provided by authorized ColorPainter resellers throughout North & South America.

12. Bundled RIP Software
The ColorPainter M-64s comes bundled with ONYX RIP Center SIIT edition.

ColorPainter M-64s MSRP

ColorPainter M-64s 6 color with inks: $40,299

ColorPainter M-64s 7 color with inks: $42,599

ColorPainter M-64s 6 color without inks: $38,499

ColorPainter M-64s 7 color without inks: $40,499

*1 Note: Outdoor durability is based on the results of SIIT's accelerated weathering test, and may be changed by printing environment. SIIT does not guarantee outdoor durability.
*2 Note: Twitter is a trademark of Twitter, Inc.

About Seiko Instruments USA
Seiko Instruments USA is the authorized master distributor for all Seiko I Infotech products throughout North and South America, including the original ColorPainter wide-format inkjet printers and inks. Seiko Instruments USA is a division of Seiko Instruments Inc., a large multi-billion dollar technology company based in Tokyo, Japan and serving a wide-range of industries including precision watches, nano-medical devices, electronic components, inkjet printheads, sports timing, and advanced battery technologies. Seiko Instruments Inc. is part of Seiko Holdings Corporation, and recently celebrated their 130 year anniversary in business. Seiko Instruments USA is based in Torrance, California.