Relyco's RPX Solutions Forms Strategic Partnership with AvidXchange to Offer Accounts Payable Automation Solution

RPX Solutions, a division of Relyco Sales, Inc., is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with AvidXchange. RPX Solutions offers top-of-the-line ePayment and ePayroll solutions and AvidXchange specializes in AP and Payment Automation for middle-market businesses. The partnership enables RPX Solutions to offer its customers AvidXchange’s end-to-end automated accounts payable (AP) solution – enabling customers a seamless transition to more efficient paperless AP processes.

“We are very excited about our partnership with AvidXchange since their end-to-end automated bill payment solution is a great fit for our customer base to transition from paper-based payment processes to more efficient ePayment methods,” said Mike Johnson, Vice President of ePayment solutions for RPX Solutions. “Our customers have been asking us to help them eliminate paper from their AP processes. The AvidXchange solution suite is perfect for our customers. It enables us to offer SaaS technology that streamlines the invoice process, intelligently route approvals and finally automate the payment process, significantly enhancing productivity and positively affecting the bottom line.”

RPX Solutions will leverage Relyco’s extensive expertise in paper-based payment processes to deliver automated solutions for accounts payable and payroll departments. With the addition of the AvidXchange offerings, RPX Solutions will now be able to provide customers with a comprehensive solution to automate their entire accounts payable and payment processes. RPX Solutions saw AvidXchange as an ideal partnership opportunity, because of their industry-leading technology, seamless integration with over 40 accounting systems, and their 45-day implementation guarantee.

“Our partnership with RPX Solutions is a great example of how we can leverage the deep relationships they have created with their clients by delivering innovative solutions to automate their accounts payable processes,” commented Michael Praeger, CEO and Co-Founder of AvidXchange. “By adding AvidXchange solutions to their existing offerings, RPX Solutions’ customers will have the ability to continue advancing their automation strategies starting with the receipt of vendor invoices, and facilitating an entire paperless process all the way through executing vendor payments,” added Praeger

The companies plan to work closely together to provide a truly seamless onboarding experience for clients with joint activities, such as educational webinars, that will help clients realize the benefits of utilizing the solution and experience an average savings of 60% or more on processing costs. Clients will enjoy the benefit of two experienced teams at their disposal to answer questions, provide support, and create customized solutions that optimize their AP and payment processes. Customers can also rely on fast and easy installation, because all solutions come with a 45-day implementation guarantee, which is far more expedient than the six to nine months traditionally required for an end-to-end payment solution.