The Printing Brokerage/Buyers Association International (PBBA)

PBBA Partners with Keen Systems to Bring 4G E-commerce Technology to Its Members

We are excited to tell you about a new partner. The PBBA (Printing Brokerage Buyers Association) has chosen to exclusively endorse and co-market with Keen Systems to bring 4G e-commerce technology to our members and, more important, their clients (before someone else does!).

Vincent Mallardi, CMC and Chair of PBBA explains, "As honest-dealing printing intermediaries, the world's 25,000 broker/resellers, by definition, must be independent of both their sub-contractor vendors and end-user clients."

"Up until now, two out of three printing outsource independents either have printing manufacturer-sponsored storefronts or none at all. Since we are primarily sales, not production, driven organizations, Keen Systems provides the solution we need, and our clients will soon demand: Arms-length confidentiality separation yet seamless transaction integration. Nothing before Keen Systems has offered this!"