GMC Software Technology

GMC Software Technology Steps into the Future at PRINT 13

GMC Software Technology (GMC) reported that PRINT 13 proved to be the ideal platform for launching a host of its new applications and demonstrate its award winning GMC Inspire platform. Visitors to the GMC booth were engaged with innovative solutions that provided the CCM tools for forward-thinking print service providers ready to support the demands of customers both today and in the future.

“It was exciting to see the large turnout at the GMC booth at PRINT 13,” said Jamie Harris vice president of diversified services for GMC Software Technology. “The focus on the mobile space drew great interest in our cutting-edge Dynamic Communications offerings. There is a distinct directional movement towards multichannel capabilities, and even more specifically to mobile interactions far beyond just delivering a PDF to a mobile device. Truly interacting with customers within their chosen modality, whether that is print or electronic is going to drive the expectation of customers far beyond anything print delivers.”

Visitors to the booth were shown GMC’s affordable solutions that enhance customer communications, including Inspire HybridMail that collects all desktop mail within a business and sends it to a centralized location for printing and posting to save both time, money and reduce risk. Additionally, there was great excitement around Dynamic Statement that provides a fresh way for print service providers to broaden their service offerings through interactive electronic documents.