Bartash Named 2013 Mailer of the Year at National PCC Day

Linda Simon, President and Owner of Bartash Inc. has announced that Bartash has been named 2013 Mailer of the Year for the Philadelphia District at the National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Day, held recently in September. This recognition affirms Bartash’s commitment to mail and circulation services, especially with regards to offering more sophisticated mailing options to customers.

Simon states, "Our customers have long known that our mailing and circulation team are outstanding, and to be recognized at this level is not only an honor to Bartash, but also an individual honor to each member of our mailing and circulation staff.”

Eric Roberts, Bartash Director of Sales shared, “We are constantly striving to improve upon an existing solid foundation with mailing and circulation management. This recognition of excellence within our marketplace affirms our commitment to innovation, our commitment to the postal service and our commitment to our clients to overcome obstacles and help them grow.”

Gale Allen added, “To be recognized as 2013 Mailer of the Year for the Philadelphia Region is a huge honor for Bartash. Often times, mailing and circulation management can be overlooked within a large manufacturing environment. At Bartash it is a critical component and we constantly strive to improve our processes and introduce postal solutions that ultimately benefit our customers.”