Miller Weldmaster Corp

Miller Weldmaster Celebrates 30 Years of Membership with IFAI Interwoven

Since its founding in 1912, Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), the world's largest textile trade association, has seen its members weather challenging economic conditions, marketplace uncertainty created by developments in industry production processes, and industry pressures stemming from environmental concerns. In that time, IFAI has encouraged its members to innovate and build quality fabric manufacturing solutions for fabric manufacturers around the globe, while preparing for the future. Miller Weldmaster has been a part of that tradition now for 30 years, designing and building quality machine lines that meet customers' needs and complementing those innovations with world-class customer service and support. In doing so, the ‘First Choice Globally’ has simultaneously helped shape and maintains IFAI's quality standards while continuing the association's century-long track record of excellence and resilience.

Scott Miller, President of Miller Weldmaster, recalls that IFAI was the company’s “root, foundation, and origin” of the company’s international presence in industrial fabrics. “We certainly would not be where we are today and in a position to serve over 100 countries around the world without the opportunities IFAI has given us over the past 30 years,” Miller noted. “IFAI has also played a big role in our machine model innovation. Many of our past machine model designs originated from contacts that we made and manufacturing needs we learned of at the IFAI tradeshows.” The founder of Miller Weldmaster, Al Miller became a member of IFAI in 1983 after many IFAI members he had met vouched for its value and appeal. Al quickly realized that the importance of the IFAI tradeshow for any supplier to the industrial fabrics industry and began the strongly interwoven relationship with IFAI that Miller Weldmaster maintains today. In addition to the business benefits, Al also appreciated the personable nuances of IFAI as well: “He always enjoyed meeting all of the associated members, whether they were fabric suppliers, machine builders, or customers,” Scott Miller recalled.

What an impact IFAI has made. Over the past 30 years, Miller Weldmaster has expanded from the quiet, sprawling plains of Navarre, Ohio to a global presence with distributive capacities in 20 countries.The company looks forward to continuing this heritage of excellence and innovation with IFAI.

"We're honored to be a part of IFAI, its history, and its timeless values," said Jeannette Hendrickson, Marketing Manager for Miller Weldmaster. "Our core is built on the philosophy of our founder, Al Miller, who always emphasized that 'the customers' needs come first.' Combine that with the current leadership of Scott Miller and his ability to promote the value of our team and you see how Miller Weldmaster is able to offer ‘First-Choice’ fabric welding solutions worldwide."

"We're energized by the future and what it holds for the special fabrics industry," continued Hendrickson. "We look forward to continuing to be a part of IFAI's legacy and producing first-choice fabric welding equipment."