Miller Weldmaster Corp

Miller Weldmaster Promotes Benefits of Moduline System for the Geo Industry

As the “First Choice Globally”, Miller Weldmaster strives to serve customers in the industrial fabrics industry with state-of-the-art fabric welding equipment and world-class customer service and support. Among the company’s customers worldwide are manufacturers in the Geo industry. For optimized production outcomes, Miller Weldmaster offers these manufacturers the Moduline System, a machine model that combines versatility with automated production capabilities for more efficient and effective production processes. It is specifically designed to increase a liner or geomembrane manufacturer’s production output while cutting back on production costs.

The Moduline System simultaneously welds several rolls of fabric together while rewinding them into smaller configurations. This allows the rolls to be transported to the job site, saving on-site labor and man-hours that would be required for product welding. The Moduline also offers modular welding gantries that enable product versatility and traverse welding gantries for continuous welding. Additionally, its PLC touch screen allows for easy recipe recall and machine control. Each Moduline System can be built to fit the needs of every liner and cover manufacturer.

To further enhance any liner manufacturer’s production process Miller Weldmaster offers the Seamvision. This comprehensive seam inspection system complements the Moduline System by capturing a monitored seam 20 times per second while utilizing over 95 individual measurements for precise seam inspection. Manufacturers can also export the data to excel spreadsheets, making them able to demonstrate the quality of their product to their own customers.