IDEAlliance Announces Release of 1st Open Format for Exchange & Rendering of Enhanced for Tablet Publications and Expanded Initiative in Integrated Media Workflow

IDEAlliance, a leading developer of best practices and specifications for print and electronic media, is proud to announce the release of Version1.0 of its OpenEFT Format. OpenEFT will be featured at two events in New York City: at the Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference on October 7-8, 2013, and at the IDEAlliance PRIMEX East Conference on October 9, 2013.

OpenEFT is the first open format specification for the exchange and rendering of interactive magazines on tablets and mobile devices. Publication of the open format is intended to foster workflow efficiencies, technology innovation, and reader engagement. Rendering for editorial content, advertisements, rich media and interactive enhancements found in today's tablet publications is enabled by this industry created specification.

The OpenEFT initiative was launched in April 2013 and over the past 6 months, an intense industry-wide effort engaged publishers, digital newsstands, and technology partners who reviewed 3 draft formats leading to the release of OpenEFT Version 1.0.