Burnishine Products

Burnishine Clear Gel Roller Cleaner Also Removes Glaze

Burnishine Products has announced that its popular Clear Gel roller cleaner is also an excellent glaze remover. Commenting on the product, Burnishine President Roger Giza said: "For many years, Burnishine Clear Gel has been a leading roller cleaner in the printing industry. From time to time, however, printers told us they also used Clear Gel to remove glaze from rollers, and that they preferred Clear Gel to standard liquid deglazers. As a result, Burnishine has rebranded Clear Gel to indicate its effectiveness as a glaze removal product. All the chemical properties that made Clear Gel an excellent roller cleaner have been retained."

Burnishine Clear Gel reduces color change time by 50 percent, compared to ordinary roller cleaners. The change time savings apply even for the toughest color changes-even going from black to yellow. Burnishine Clear Gel routs out old color pigments with just a single application. It meets Southern California AQMD standards and does not require hazmat shipping fees.