Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell's Data Marketing Services Provides List-Enhancing Tools that Give Marketers Competitive Advantage

Bell and Howell, a leading global provider of multi-channel communications solutions for print, Web and mobile delivery, announced the availability of the new Data Marketing Services, which provides solutions for marketers to maximize response rates and minimize the cost of communications through optimal data management. The company will showcase these solutions at the DMA 2013 tradeshow, Oct. 12 through Oct. 17 in Chicago.

“Now more than ever before, data quality and data relevance drive the success of marketing campaigns,” said Chris Lien, Vice President, Postal Software Marketing. “That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Data Marketing Services to enable marketers to achieve optimal results — reduced waste, increased response rates, and improved overall communications. There are six vital elements to developing and maintaining optimal data quality and relevance to ensure the success of marketing campaigns: enhance, target, update, integrate, prepare and measure.”

“Bell and Howell’s Data Marketing Services now offers full-service data management and campaign-execution solutions for marketers of all sophistication levels that leverage our continued tradition of industry-leading address-quality offerings. The key is to get the right message to the right audience at the right time through the right channels,” Lien noted.

Some of the services offered through Bell and Howell’s Data Marketing Services include change-of-address processing using 48-month NCOALink data, geographic and demographic coding, advanced address correction, deceased suppression, delivery sequencing using DSF2 data, and Delivery Point Validation. Expanded services will also include list-rental services and behavioral append and reverse append. Access to the services includes through secure file transfer, Web services, and online access through Bell and Howell’s GoData Solutions.