HP Drives Growth Opportunities with New Solutions for Large Format Print Providers

HP has announced upgrades, certifications and workflow solutions for its large-format sign and display portfolio, helping print service providers (PSPs) grow their businesses and explore new markets.

In recent years, many large-format print shops have transformed their business models, offering new high-value applications and seeking to avoid commoditization. This transformation has been driven by technology advances that help PSPs move beyond sign and display to a diverse range of applications. No matter the market, clients increasingly demand high-quality output with faster turnaround times, requiring PSPs to embrace the flexibility and versatility of digital to remain successful.

“Large-format PSPs are working in a changing marketplace, challenging them to step outside of their application comfort zone to meet client demand,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, Large-Format Sign and Display Division, HP. “HP is introducing a variety of new offerings at SGIA to help our customers meet production demands, while also empowering them to confidently move into high-value markets, such as retail, interior décor and fleet graphics.”

New varnish ink for HP Scitex Enhanced Color Pack

Helping PSPs create high-value retail and corrugated applications to help boost their bottom line, the HP FB225 Scitex Varnish Ink is the latest ink option introduced for the HP Scitex FB7500/7600 Enhanced Color Pack.

The new ink allows HP Scitex FB7500/FB7600 Industrial Press owners to add spot or full varnish, create embossed text and images, as well as expand the color gamut. Additionally, the integrated varnish ink helps protect against rubbing, scratches and water damage while creating cost and workflow efficiencies. The HP FB225 Varnish Scitex Ink is expected to be available worldwide on Nov. 1.

“The HP FB225 Scitex Varnish Ink allows us to offer a unique option to our customers, further differentiating our business from the competition,” said Junior Allasia, head of digital printing, Ondalba Group. “Since adding the varnish ink to our HP Scitex FB7600 in mid-August, the increased quality has already helped us win new clients that previously used offset. We fully expect to win even more business as a result of our new ink capabilities.”

Enhancements, certifications for higher-value Latex applications

Helping PSPs capture share of the growing custom wall décor market, the HP WallArt Solution now includes a feature to create canvas projects.(5) This easy-to-use, cloud-based web service provides print-ready files and step-by-step installation instructions, allowing PSPs to design themselves or work with customers through the cloud to produce customized interior décor applications, including mounted canvas prints and wallcoverings.

Also expanding interior décor options, HP has achieved the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) F793-Type II classification for wallcoverings using HP Latex 792 or 610 Inks with DreamScape Matte Wallcovering and Marabu ClearShield Satin LL Liquid Clear Coat. One of the most rigorous wallcovering testing available, this combination received ASTM F793-Type II certification for scrubbability, durability and flame spread, among other relevant characteristics for wallcoverings. With this level of certification, PSPs using HP Latex printers can reach interior décor customers in new markets, such as commercial properties held to federal certification standards.

The 3M MCS Warranty, widely recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive finished graphics warranty, is now available for HP Latex 881 Inks and the HP Latex 3000 Printer when using approved 3M films.  Combining the quality and flexibility of HP Latex Inks with the 3M MCS Warranty, which covers fading, cracking and peeling, the new offering helps PSPs secure business with discerning vehicle and fleet graphics customers without paying a premium for specialty inks.

Additionally, HP is introducing two new canvas substrates, HP Premium Satin Canvas and HP Everyday Satin Canvas, producing vivid colors, sharp details and broadening the color gamut. Ideal for interior décor and fine art applications, both canvas substrates are easy to handle for fast post-production finishing.  For retail signage and backlit displays, the new heavyweight HP Backlit Polyester Film achieves vibrant colors and denser blacks with better scratch resistance, as well as improved durability than previous backlit solutions. Designed for HP Latex printers, these expanded media options are now available worldwide through licensing partner Brand Management Group.

New workflow offerings for seamless, end-to-end production

Increasing production efficiencies, the HP SmartStream Production Analyzer 2.0 for HP Scitex Industrial Presses includes improvements to the job dashboard and job summary report, as well as the ability to set productivity targets. With a more detailed dashboard interface, operators can record notes, giving production managers a complete picture of job production. Additionally, the job report summary groups all related projects together to be viewed and exported to management information systems software for further analysis.

Compatible with HP Latex and Scitex printers and presses, the HP Scitex Caldera GrandRIP+ Software solution now includes EasyMedia Module, Caldera’s integrated International Color Consortium (ICC) profile builder based on Xrite i1Prism V2 technology. Caldera EasyMEDIA allows users to create ICC profiles, creating a smoother workflow with enhanced color consistency across output.


In booth 1628 at the SGIA Expo, October 23-25, HP is demonstrating its broad portfolio of large-format solutions and partner offerings, including the U.S. debut of the HP Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press powered by HP Scitex High Dynamic Range (HDR) Printing Technology. Alongside the HP Latex 3000 Printer, the HP Latex Theater features presentations on HP Latex Technology capabilities every hour during the show. HP is also showcasing the new HP Designjet Z5400 ePrinter, the first multi-roll, large format ePrinter for copy shops,(7) in the booth and the HP Latex 260 Printer in the SGIA Digital Textile Printing Zone.