Legendary Swiss Watch Will be Printed

IQDEMY has announced that Wencia Luxury Group will use its solutions for printing on any surface for their legendary Swiss watch.

Wencia is a European jewelry and watch-making company following in the footsteps of the Swiss tradition of watch manufacturing. Due to its reliability the label is held in high esteem worldwide and one of the top brands. Led by David Wenger, descendent from an old jeweler’s dynasty, the company tends to preserve and expand traditions of crafting exquisite jewelry and watches of impeccable quality.

The newest development in which IQDEMY’s print solutions play an important role allows for supply of various images on watch bands and faces made of silver, gold, platinum and other precious metals. Thanks to the unique technology that has been developed by IQDEMY, Caldera and DPS-innovations, the new exclusive product will make its debut in the watch and elite jewelry markets.

Besides print equipment, IQDEMY will design an ink technology that allows for silver printing. It will be used for supplying haptic relief images on the watch surface with unusual fluorescent effects. Samples of the new watches and ink will be displayed at core industry exhibitions in the near future.