Sawgrass Technologies

21st Century Technology Enables Historic Reproduction at Greystone Mansion

Sawgrass and L’Esperance Design, a West Hollywood based interior design firm, have announced their collaboration in a custom wall covering project in the Grand Entry at the Greystone Mansion during the month of November as part of the Design House International showcase. L’Esperance Design accurately recreated the wall covering found in the historic 18th century Italian estate Tenuta Berroni in Tenuta, Italy, then partnered with Sawgrass to digitally print the design using Sawgrass M-XTR pigment inks and specialty finished fabrics.

The Grand Entry at Greystone Mansion includes over 850 square feet of wall space, with ‘X’ foot ceilings. In developing the concept, designers Paul L’Esperance and Daelen Cory sought the technological expertise of Sawgrass to bring the entire project to fruition. “Accurate color and superb quality and detail were critical to achieve the required three dimensional effect and remain true to the original wall covering found in the Berroni estate,” said Cory. “Sawgrass was instrumental in bringing this historical reproduction halfway around the world, and achieving something that truly transforms interior design as we know it,” he added.

“Designers are starting to find new opportunities for interior design utilizing digital textile printing technology,” said John Ingraham, director of marketing at Sawgrass. “L’Esperance Design stands at the forefront of innovation by applying digital technologies to achieve their vision for the Greystone Mansion project. Digital textile printing techniques for the wall coverings result in exceptional quality print output while saving both time and money over traditional printing methods. Designers can quickly create a unique, high quality look for commercial and private interiors.”