Ready-Made Business Proposal from IQDEMY a Success at SGIA

IQDEMY has announced its SGIA participation in Orlando (USA) a raving success.

SUN Studio New York presented many innovative ideas of printing on any material. Print samples produced on the Swiss 2030 UV LED printer stunned visitors at the show. The unique capabilities of the Swiss 2030 enable the company to print brilliant and colorful images on nearby any substrate for indoor or outdoor applications. 

The machine can accommodate any material up to 400 kg weight thus making prints on limestone, marble, granite and other heavy substrates possible. In addition, ceramic printing as well as printing on materials for building facades can be done. IQDEMY’s range of printers for all kinds of print production ideally match the latest requirements of the global printing market.

Printers were much impressed with the proposition of IQDEMY’s ready-made business proposal that representatives from SUN Studio New York explained at the booth. Especially the possibility of comprehensive support by IQDEMY’s knowledge centers, apart from the franchising concept, appealed to visitors who extensively enquired about the business proposal. The worldwide SUN Studio network provides printing services encompassing not only the glass and furniture industry but also interior and exterior design agencies, advertising industry, among others.

“Since operating the Swiss 2030 our business has really been taking off”, says Philip Nak from SUN Studio New York. “The ready-made business proposal from IQDEMY paired with their unique market approach and highly sophisticated printing machinery are a perfect fit for our operation. It enables us to approach new markets while at the same time serving the traditional advertising industry.”