Fastsigns Peterborough Demonstrates the Value of Good Service

Fastsigns in Peterborough haven’t looked back since they started using Triangle inks five years ago. What has made them stick with Josero, the master distributor of Triangle inks in the UK and Ireland, is the sheer level of service they receive from the company.

Fastsigns in Peterborough operates in an extremely busy and competitive environment, where customer service is paramount to their success. The team in the Peterborough office provide everything from banners and signage to exhibition graphics and vehicle wraps. They use innovative processes to project manage each of their jobs, whether that be delivering one simple sign or a complex bespoke exhibition stand.

Richard Towers, Owner of Fastsigns commented, “We need any equipment we invest in to consistently perform at its optimum level. Our Mimaki JV3 is extremely trustworthy and it works very hard for us. We decided to switch to Triangle inks from the OEM ink in the Mimaki JV3 following a trade show five years ago, where we met Loic and his team from Josero. We were impressed with what they had to say about the robustness of Triangle inks and looked into this further. We realised just how good the credentials of Triangle inks are with their extensive R&D facilities in the USA. They carry out rigorous tests to deliver the perfect colour match and print quality of all the inks they produce.  The cost savings were also significant over the OEM inks, which was even better. The whole switchover process was fast, simple and efficient and here we are five years on.”

Richard continued, “We would never compromise our customers by using anything that wasn’t going to deliver the best results. What has made us stick with Josero for so many years, on top of the excellent inks, is the service they provide - it can only be described as “exceptional”. The team has such a strong grasp of market and their technical knowledge and expertise is very impressive. We love the fact that we are saving money over the OEM ink, but believe me, this market is all about quality and delivery and this over-rides any cost savings.”

Fastsigns in Peterborough have a broad range of customers, from SMEs to public sector organisations and large multi-nationals. Though the customer profile varies hugely, their expectations of Fastsigns Peterborough are very similar – they all want consistency of service and excellent products at a decent price. Referrals from existing customers are high as is customer retention, so the company is obviously getting it right.

Loic Delor, Managing Director of Josero said, “We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers and believe it is all about teamwork to make sure everyone gets the best from each other. The working relationship we have with Richard and the Fastsigns Peterborough team is very strong and built on trust and respect. This is what makes Josero and Triangle inks stand out from other ink and equipment suppliers in the UK market.”