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BatchOutput for Microsoft Excel Now Supports Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput XLS 2.1.3, a compatibility update to its popular output automation solution for Microsoft Excel on Mac OS X. The software provides advanced solutions for demanding enterprise and office publishing environments through automation of printing and professional PDF output. With BatchOutput XLS, users only need to select Excel files and adjust output settings, and the software will do the rest automatically. For example, users can export dozens of Excel files to PDF with just a click of a button, or leave BatchOutput to print hundreds of files overnight and pick up the completed job next morning.

The new version makes BatchOutput XLS compatible with recently released Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and is offered as a free update to the licensed users.

In addition to batch printing, BatchOutput XLS allows to carry out powerful professional PDF production directly from Excel, helping users simplify and streamline the conversion process. BatchOutput XLS is the only program that brings advanced PDF creation options right to Excel user's fingertips:

-Output batches of Excel files to PDF and printer with a click of a button.

-Compose variable output file names based on page number, user name, date and other values.

-Reduce PDF file size and optimize documents for web, print or electronic publishing.

-Encrypt and password-protect PDF from unauthorized copying, printing and viewing.

-Apply Quartz filters to change PDF color tone, brightness and other qualities. 

BatchOutput XLS is a part of the Zevrix BatchOutput family which also includes output automation solutions for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign and PDF workflows.