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Marabu at Viscom 2013: UV-Curable Digital Printing Inks in the Spotlight

At Viscom 2013 in Dusseldorf, Marabu presented its proven expertise in digital printing inks. The high-quality range of UV-curable, solvent- and water-based inkjet inks impressed with perfect results especially on difficult substrates, focusing on the UV-LED-curable  ink series UltraJet DLE -A.  Another highlight was the water-based Marashield WA -FXG liquid coating as well as the solvent-based inkjet ink MaraJet DI-MS 191 Silver. In combination with this new silver ink, hundreds of different metallic shades can be created.

UV-curable ink systems on the rise

The future is digital printing. Applications which had so far been exclusive pad and screen printing domains are now being approached by digital printing. More precisely, the demand for UV-curable inkjet systems is rising. In this case, the more powerful UV-LED-curing technology will be a forward-looking alternative to the traditional UV-curing. The main advantages include a significantly longer life period of the lamps, and, the substrate is exposed to reduced heat. Marabu presented the UV-LED-curable ink series UltraJet DLE –A which combines all the advantages of the LED technology, and features excellent adhesion to difficult substrates such as acrylics, rigid PVC, polycarbonate or polypropylene. Designed for high-resolution print heads and thanks to its high pigmentation, the DLE-A is suitable for outdoor use. Printed on a Mimaki UJF-3042, UltraJet DLE-A showed perfect results directly in front of the visitors.

Among the traditional UV-curable inks, Marabu highlights the new UltraJet DUV –A, focusing on the compatibility with Océ Arizona and Fuji Acuity printing machines. The UltraJet DUV product range was completed by the hybrid inkjet ink DUV-H, which is suitable for rigid substrates such as PVC, polystyrene, polycarbonate, or cardboard boxes, and also provides excellent results on flexible substrates such as self-adhesive films and PVC banner material. Also part of the range: the UltraJet DUV-R for rigid substrates and the UltraJet DUV-F. Thanks to its perfectly adapted formulation, the flexibility of substrates remains fully intact.

Water- and solvent-based inkjet inks for a wide range of substrates

In addition to UV-curable digital printing inks, the increased demand for water-based alternatives was also evident. By presenting the water-based inkjet ink MaquaJet DA-E, Marabu highlighted a sustainable and easy-to-use ink which is the ideal match for thin and sensitive substrates.

In the field of water-based sublimation inks, Marabu displayed solutions for different application methods. The hybrid sublimation TexaJet DX -SHE is suitable for the traditional transfer printing as well as for direct printing onto pre-treated polyester fabrics. Best results can be achieved on machines with Epson DX4 and DX5 print heads. Especially for transfer printing and optimized for Epson DX6 and DX7 print heads, Marabu has developed the new TexaJet DX –STE, which is ideal for printing on very thin paper. The wide variety of applications includes all textiles with at least 60 % polyester, and rigid materials pre-coated with polyester.

Among solvent-based inkjet inks, the new MaraJet DI-MS 191 Silver truly added sparkle to the exhibition: with this new silver ink, hundreds of different metallic shades can be created. The MaraJet DI-MS ink series is applicable on PVC self-adhesive films, coated tarpaulins, (un-)coated fabrics, and suitable papers.

Unbeatable brilliance – Liquid coatings as a smart alternative to film lamination

The primary role of providing protection is more and more being replaced by functional and decorative requirements. With Marashield UV (UV-curable) and Marashield WA (water- based), Marabu offers two technologies: both providing unbeatable advantages over conventional film lamination, such as lower material and process costs, consistent coating quality and high-gloss finishing. Marashield UV liquid coatings are applied by roller coating. Thanks to their threefold foundation – including primer, finishing, and protection – they offer entirely new possibilities to users who employ flat bed and roll-to-roll digital printers for graphic and industrial applications. Marashield WA provides brilliant results on flexible substrates thanks to perfectly matched coatings and inkjet inks. At the booth, Marabu demonstrated that metallic effects can be over-varnished for ultimate mechanical resistance with the water-based liquid coating Marashield WA-FXG without impairing the brilliance of the metallics.