PagePath Technologies Inc.

New Features Added to MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print

PagePath Technologies, Inc. has released the latest list of new and update features to the MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print Solution.

Adam Witek, Support and On-boarding Manager of PagePath Technologies, was excited to release the latest list of improvements to the MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print Solution. "As we reviewed this latest list of feature updates, we realized what an incredible year we have had with improving and solidifying MyOrderDesk. I believe this year saw the largest growth of development that we have had in at least 10 years," stated Witek.

Some of the new and improved features include interface updates, image and font management, as well as live preview optimization for ezMerge. Out-of-stock ordering preferences within the Docmart inventory control module were improved, and a new bi-weekly open forum question and answer session with support personnel was added to the training curriculum.

For a complete list of updates, contact Joe Kern via email at or at 866-770-7569. You can also visit our blog at