Paradigm Imaging Group

Kurabo Flatbed Scanner Installed by Paradigm Imaging Expands Miller Blueprint's Color Scanning Capabilities

Paradigm Imaging Group has installed a Kurabo Large Format Flatbed scanner at Miller Blueprint in Austin, TX, helping to expand their color scanning capabilities.

The Kurabo flatbed scanner, which Paradigm Imaging Group sold to Miller Blueprint in September of this year, was installed in October.  When asked why they decided to purchase the Kurabo, Steve Coyle, General Manager of Miller Blueprint replied, “We have always focused on and listened to our customers.  Our customers told us that a flatbed color scanner with true 24” x 36” inch capability was needed to scan their artwork and fragile legacy documents.”

The 24” x 36” flatbed scanner, developed by Kurabo 20 years ago for the Japanese market, can scan an ARCH-D size color document in 20 seconds or less in 400 dpi/high-speed mode.  Resolution is adjustable by 1 dpi increments within the range from 50 dpi to 800 dpi.

Soon after the Kurabo scanner was installed, Miller Blueprint’s fine art scanning business began to increase.   Said Steve, “Austin is a community blessed with a large number of talented local artists who have come to appreciate our ability to accurately scan and print their original artwork.  As a result, we are fortunate enough to have to use the Kurabo scanner each and every day.  It is one of the most important assets in our Graphics Department.”  Miller Blueprint’s Fine Art Graphic Specialist, Carl Hayes, recently scanned and stitched a 46” x 62” aerial image of Austin, one of their more challenging and unique projects to date.

“Miller Blueprint’s application is a perfect match for the Kurabo flatbed scanner.  We are happy to see that they are increasing their fine art scanning business and wish them continued success,” said Randy Geesman, president of Paradigm Imaging Group.