National Print Owners Association (NPOA)

Print Owners Association Upgrades Website

The National Print Owners Association (NPOA) has launched its new website which offers members and other interested printers many new features. The site upgrade is part of the ongoing NPOA effort to build its member services and educational outreach efforts.

“We have significantly improved the functionality and accessibility of the website,” says NPOA President Jace Prejean. “Members should find it easier to navigate and use the Members-Only section and potential members will benefit from easier access to association information and automated membership signup.”

Among other highlights is a better protected Members-Only section which gives members the ability to change their profiles and features private emailing capabilities for better communications among members. Also new is a far more sophisticated dues renewal process. Non-members will be able to take advantage of totally automated on-line membership applications.

In addition, there is a more streamlined conference registration capability which automatically populates information such as contact name, company name, and company address into appropriate fields. This new capability comes online just as NPOA starts its registration push for its second annual NPOA Spring Owners Conference which will be held February 27 to March 2, 2014 at the Renaissance Plantation Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL in conjunction with Graphics of the Americas (GOA).

The new site also contains a list of association services and benefits, a blog/latest news section, a membership map, background information on the creation and goals of NPOA, contact information, and much more.