Josero Celebrates 10 Years of Success

Originally created in November 2003, Josero, the distributors of inkjet products in the UK, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month with various new and exciting products coming on board early next year.

Loic Delor, who has an extensive technical background in the inkjet market, having worked for Xaar in the late 1990s followed by Lyson/Nazdar a few years later, founded the company. His intricate understanding and knowledge of printheads and inks led him to launch Josero in 2003.The business originally kicked off in Luxembourg selling wide format Chinese printers, plus inks and printheads to the Middle East and Europe. With its products reaching global markets, Josero realized it was time to have an online presence and its first website was launched in 2005. This increased the sales of its products significantly with customers viewing their products online before purchasing them.

A major year for Josero was 2008 when it registered Josero limited in the UK. Jon Spencer, a qualified engineer who has been involved in the industry since the early days of inkjet, having worked with Codent and Lyson/Nazdar for several years, joined the Josero team as Technical Director. The first office and warehouse facilities were opened that same year in Cambridge, providing Josero with the ability to house all its products on site and allowing them to ship stock within 24 hours to customers throughout the UK.

Setting up in the UK facilitated further growth for Josero and in January 2009 they were appointed the exclusive master distributor for Triangle inks for UK & Ireland. Triangle inks (part of worldwide ink manufacturer Inx Digital) produce some of the highest quality alternative inks on the market, for virtually every wide and superwide format printer available and offer substantial cost savings over the OEM inks. This was a real achievement for a small company like Josero and demonstrated its capabilities of working effectively with the UK inkjet market.

A few months later Josero was appointed as a reseller for Ergosoft RIP Software in the UK.  With the addition of these new products, Josero decided it needed a full overhaul of its website and launched a much more comprehensive and product focused website.

By 2010, Josero had expanded its product portfolio so much, the company invested in new premises in Cambridge to accommodate additional stock of Triangle inks and expand its demonstration and training facilities. The new premises boast 2500 sqft of space for storage, technical training, a demonstration suite and staff offices.

Keeping a watchful eye on market conditions, Josero saw a gap in the market a couple of years ago, where customers were keen to invest in superwide printers but many couldn’t really afford do so. This led to the company selling refurbished superwide printers in the UK. This has proved a great triumph as printing companies can now invest in nearly new machines at a fraction of their original price, with technical support and servicing from Josero.

The past three years has seen Josero develop partnerships with key players in the finishing market and expand its offering to the inkjet market with products such as Kala laminators, Trimalco cutters and Hanolex eyelet machines. The company became the exclusive distributor for the Bubble Free Applicator table for UK & Ireland earlier this year and is enjoying tremendous success with this product.

Delor, Managing Director of Josero commented, “It’s hard to believe we have been trading so successfully for a decade. The company is unrecognizable from what it was ten years ago as we have greatly diversified our product offering. That said, our roots and expertise are firmly within the inkjet market. We have adapted our product range in line with technological developments and market conditions. We believe the key to our success is understanding the challenges our customers face and delivering products that will help them achieve their goals.”