Proforma Professional Business Solutions Signs $1 Million Global Contract with Fortune 500 Technology Company

In a breakthrough global opportunity, Bethany and Josh Brevard, Co-Owners of Proforma Professional Business Solutions, have secured a Master Global Contract with a Fortune 500 international technology company. This contract will bring Proforma Professional Business Solutions’ total sales with this client to more than $1 million annually. This contract is a result of Proforma’s recent expansion into the European market.

“This is a very exciting time for Proforma Professional Business Solutions,” said Bethany Brevard, Co-Owner. “After opening our satellite office in London, we’ve been able to secure major international contracts by offering local support with Proforma’s global capabilities. Proforma’s ability to support our global pursuits has allowed us to bring the total sales with this client to more than $1 million this year.”

The Austin, TX-based distributor opened a new London office in September 2013 to better equip them to pursue global contracts. By expanding their presence into the European market, they are able to extend Proforma’s buying power in the market to larger, international companies.

Proforma Professional Business Solutions has been providing their Fortune 500 global technology client with high level eCommerce solutions for more than three years in the United States. In February they were awarded a contract to be the top promotional solutions provider for all their North American needs. In addition to the creation and development of the eCommerce platform, Brevard also helps the company reduce costs by stocking and fulfilling all the products.

As a member of Proforma, Proforma Professional Business Solutions has access to a full suite of support, including access to award winning marketing campaigns, a newly enhanced technology platform, financial backing, free credit insurance, the buying clout that lowers costs 5% - 15% with a proven vendor network and more.