InfoTrends Study Shows Cost and Security are Biggest Concerns for Companies Implementing Mobile Solutions

As companies navigate a new business landscape, mobility plays an important role in the future of many organizations. “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), along with company supplied mobile devices, proliferate all businesses of all sizes. InfoTrends new multi-client study Mobile Solutions and Services identifies key drivers for mobile solutions, where in the adoption curve companies are with mobile solutions, and what types of solutions/services are being offered and adopted with a focus on Higher Education, Healthcare, Financial/Insurance, and General Business.

A short time ago, it was thought that by allowing mobile devices, in mass, into the business organization, a massive disruption would occur. This is no longer the case, and InfoTrends demonstrates through this study that IT is looking to encourage more practical business use of the devices. One key finding from this study is that more than 50% of survey respondents have BYOD and/or company supplies initiatives for mobile devices. While mobile devices continue to infiltrate the business environment, vendors need to devise ways to participate in this massive movement. As a mobile solutions providers, gaining permission as a trusted advisor must be considered imperative. Companies now run the risk of developing and supporting a multitude of fractured mobile projects which can lead to confusion and little to no real integration.

Survey respondents noted that cost was a big inhibitor for integrating mobile solutions into their workflow. This was especially true for higher education and general business respondents. Healthcare and financial/insurance respondents, however, felt that security was a greater inhibitor. “This makes sense as healthcare respondents have shown to place a great deal of importance in securing patient information – a task that many are hesitant to trust to mobile software, says Anne Valaitis, Director of InfoTrends’ Image Scanning Trends and Manages Print Service Consulting Services. “InfoTrends recommends that vendors educate those that decide on mobile solution initiatives to help overcome some of the cost barriers and security concerns.”

As vendors and providers continue to push the boundaries of their traditional offerings, companies are looking at ways to assimilate mobile solution into the business infrastructure. Mobile solutions providers will continue to jockey for position, develop services, cultivate new partnerships, and do whatever it takes to find their place at the table. While businesses will continue to investigate and educate to the benefits of embracing mobile technology – InfoTrends expects an enormous uptick in mobile solutions in the next 12 months as security concerns are addressed and business process becomes a focus.