High-End / Low Cost: Tucanna Color Workflow Suite Simplifies Digital Print

Digital printing technology has created both disruptions and opportunities for print service companies. Controlling color across toner and inkjet devices from different manufacturers—as well as preflight, imposition, ink/toner saving, and many other tasks—often require costly systems and manual labor. In response, Color Management Group is now offering Tucanna’s integrated suite. The company’s tFlow line offers a complete approval-to-print workflow, at a small fraction of the cost of other, less-integrated digital color print systems.

“Tucanna’s tFlow not just about features; it’s a way for printing companies and brand owners to change their business model,” said Color Management Group founder Lida Jalali Marschke. “It allows companies to process more color jobs with fewer operator hours. In other words, they can make more money and win new business.” Tucanna’s tFlow Production costs thousands less than other systems. It is priced under $9,000 for a complete system, including automation of preflight, file repair, color management, ink/toner savings, imposition and soft proofing.

“To achieve comparable functionality, a printer would have to invest in multiple systems, costing between $22,000 and $31,000,” Marschke noted. “However, even at that price, a printer would lack file-viewing capacity. Other systems are limited to viewing files in Acrobat. Tucanna tFlow Production is a true, multiplatform, client/server solution—at a price that belies the system’s power and ease of use.”

For those who need brand-critical color control, Tucanna’s PrintControl and RapidCheck systems ensure consistent compliance with GRACoL, ISO 12647, or in-house standards for maintaining gray balance and other variables. “Keeping customers happy with the quality of short-run digital printing is a challenge, especially with multiple devices from different manufacturers,” Marschke said. “tFlow users can do this automatically, and keep the revenue flowing.”

Online Job Submission, Review and Approval

Brand owners, designers, and marketing departments must work in close collaboration with each other and with their printing partners. This is difficult enough when everyone is local, and extremely frustrating when the players are in different parts of the world. Addressing this issue directly, Tucanna recently released tFlow Approval—an online collaboration system. Installable locally or as a cloud service, tFlow Approval is an intuitive, full-featured platform for submitting, annotating, preflighting and tracking jobs. It allows direct user access—including interaction with Adobe Creative Suite applications—at any point in the print design, review, or production process.

“Building strong working relationships between designers, marketing managers and other decision makers, and print service professionals can mean the difference between success and failure,” Marschke said. “tFlow Approval is the perfect workflow tool for creating those connections.”

Reseller Incentives

Tucanna workflow products will be demonstrated by Color Management Group at the annual Color Management Conference in Phoenix (December 7-10). The company will be offering incentives for North American graphic arts dealers, integrators, and other resellers, including free training and demo software, plus a $200 spiff to resellers for every client/server tFlow package sold by the end of the year.

For more information, contact Lida Jalali Marschke at lida@colormanagement.com, or (408) 779-7858, extension 105.