QuadTech, Inc.

José Carlos Valverde named QuadTech Sales Manager for Latin America

QuadTech announced the appointment of José Carlos Valverde as Sales Manager for Latin America. José Carlos brings over 20 years of experience in serving the print industry in the region.

“I am very happy and highly motivated to join QuadTech, and to serve the Latin American graphic arts market,” says Mr. Valverde. “The print markets in South and Central America exhibit a mix of fortunes. The packaging sector—thanks to segments such as flexible packaging—is experiencing fast growth, while the commercial market is struggling with margin pressure. All printers face growing challenges to reduce costs, minimize waste, and increase the productivity of their presses. These challenges demand more advanced press control technology.

“For printers wishing to invest in the latest press technology, or modernize existing operations, QuadTech offers not only the best technology solutions, but also a great team of engineers that find creative ways to make printing easier, faster, more consistent, and more profitable.”

Charles Irons, QuadTech International Sales Manager, comments: “José Carlos has a thorough understanding of the needs of the Latin American print industry. He also sees the great potential for growth and profitability that are available to those who invest in modernization and automation for greater efficiency.

“José Carlos has a long track record as a service-oriented professional. We know that our Latin American customers will get the attention they deserve, and will have access to solutions that can brighten their future,” added Mr. Irons.

José Carlos Valverde can be reached at:

Phone: +52 55 1042-5209

Mobile: +52-1-55 5432-5074

Email: Jose.Valverde@quadtechworld.com