Contra Vision Makes it Into, and Onto, the Travelling Museum of British Invention

Several members of the Contra Vision team made a trip to London to celebrate Contra Vision being one of 100 inventions and innovations in a “Travelling Museum of British Invention” which is currently touring the UK to promote the key role played by British inventions in science and engineering.

Inventions as wide ranging as gravity to radar, the NHS to postage stamps, jet engines to penicillin all were included to highlight 100 innovations which have had their impact on our society.

Contra Vision, was in the unusual position of being both inside and outside the bus; our see-through technology was included as a British  invention which is seen around the world, and then also used to wrap parts of the museum, creating an eye catching travelling museum, attracting plenty of visitors keen to learn more about inventions and science.

The Travelling Museum of British Invention parked up outside the House of Commons to promote ‘Parliament Week’ in London as it included reference to the Magna Carta and several inventions or innovations involving Parliament’s consent.

Contra Vision was proud to be included in a list of British inventions which covered;

Magna Carta, Open University, bbc-first broadcast, NHS, Modern Hospice Care, Penny Post, Gravity, Evolution, Higgs Boson, Planets: Uranus, Insulin, Cloud + weather system, Reflective Telescope, Radio Telescope, Magnifying Glass, Sterioscope, Spinning Jenny, Ball Bearing, Bessemer Process, Stainless Steel, The Tin Can, Electric Motor Generator, Electro-Magnet, Screw cutting Lathe, Adjustable Spanner, Universal Joint, Slide Rule, Raw plug, Steam Engine, Passenger Railway, First Tube, Jet Engine, Glider, Bicycle, Catseye, HoverCraft, Life-Boat, Plimsoll Line, Marine Chronometer, Hypodermic Syringe, Vaccinations small pox, Antiseptics, Penicillin, Hep B Vaccine, MRI, Radar, Dolly the sheep, IVF, Synthetic Dye, DNA, Finger-Printing + Genetic Finger-Printing, Stem Cell + Embryonic Stem Cell, Elements of Periodic table, Carbon Fibre, Graphene, Linoleum, Polyethene, Celluloid, Silicones, Contra Vision, Waterproof Material, Hawk Eye, Darts, Rugby, Golf, Football, Light Bulb, Toothbrush, Thermos Flask, Rubber Band, Lawnmower, Pencil, First flushable toilet, Chocolate Bar, ATM, Electric Telegraph, Telephone, Radio, Wind up Radio, TV, Stereo, Marshal Amplifier, Tuning Fork, The Computer, World Wide Web, Pneumatic Tyre, Disc Brakes, Float Glass, Drinking water Lifesaver, E2V Sensors, Raspberry Pi, concrete canvas, Worm Bot, Xbox Kinect human motion capture system.