Cal Poly Graphic Communication Institute

Cal Poly Graphic Communication Announces 2014 International Printing Week Program

Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department will present the 2014 International Printing Week ( Jan. 27-31 on campus.

The annual event celebrates Benjamin Franklin and his contributions to print communication, science and technology. The Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly will commemorate the week with a lecture series and related events centered on this year’s theme, “The Future of Graphic Communication.”

Due to popular demand from industry professionals, the 2014 program has been expanded from four days to five with the following agenda:

  • Monday, Jan. 27 — Business, Management and Printing Technology Day
  • Tuesday, Jan. 28 — Design and Web, and Digital Media Day
  • Wednesday, Jan. 29 — Packaging and Printed Electronics, and Functional Imaging Day
  • Thursday, Jan. 30 — Alumni and Advisory Board Day; International Printing Week Banquet
  • Friday, Jan. 31 — Career Day

Featured speakers include prominent experts from leading graphic communication companies. Presentation topics include: Challenges Faced by the Paper Industry in the Inkjet/Laser Space, Ink Industry Issues, Publication Printing, Printing and Multimedia Services, Landing the Perfect Intern, Innovations in Display Manufacturing, Packaging, Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging, Inkjet for Printed Electronics, and more.

The International Printing Week banquet will take place Thursday, Jan. 30, at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. Michelle Sordi, executive vice president of SAGE Publications, will give the keynote address on the transitions taking place in traditional publishing and e-publishing. SAGE Publications is a leading publisher of scientific and educational books and journals with headquarters in Thousand Oaks, CA, and sites in London, New Delhi, Singapore, and Washington, DC.

On Friday, Jan. 31, companies from around the nation will participate in the Graphic Communication Career Day to recruit new employees and interns. For a complete list of participants, visit:

The week-long events provide an opportunity for a discussion on the future of the graphic communication industry and educating future industry professionals.

“In a multi-faceted and widely open industry, creating curricula that generates the model employee for the future requires great foresight and an innovative vision,” said Ken Macro, chair of Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department. “This week will provide scaffolding for the building process.”

Program sponsors include Adobe, EFI, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Utah Paperbox, and SAGE Publications. Sponsorships are tax deductible and sponsors are provided publicity in press releases and related program materials.

For more information about participating, attending the banquet, or becoming a sponsor, contact Macro at: 805-756-2257 or; or call the Graphic Communication Department office at 805-756-1108.