The Power of Key Tags and Plastic Cards to Grow Your Business

With so much competition among businesses these days, you need to make yours stand out from the rest and take it to the next level with some innovative marketing and sales ideas. Business owners don't have to spend much money to go above and beyond for their customers. They just have to get creative by offering unique promotions and finding interesting ways to give customers a great value. Incorporating key tags and plastic cards into some of your ideas is key because with them you can keep track of customer information and they are a physical advertisement for your business. Here are 3 ways you can grow your business to stand out from the competition.

1. Offer a Value Offering on your website

When customers visit your website, you want them to shop your online store, sign up for a newsletter, follow you on Facebook or Twitter, leave feedback, etc. An easy way to attract more attention to your brand and entice people to take action on your website is to provide visitors with a value offering as soon as they visit your site. A value offering is something that you offer for free that will give prospective customers value right away. This value offering can be a helpful guide, checklist, Top 10 Tips on ABC, How to X, Y, Z, etc. It can even be a coupon for for your first purchase. Whatever your value offering may be, ask for a name and email in exchange so you can also build an email marketing list.

2. Offer a loyalty program

A loyalty program is sure to get your repeat business because you're giving your customers great value in an economy where people want to save as much money as possible. Use key tags and plastic cards with your company's name and logo to give to those who sign up for your loyalty program. The customer can use the key tag or plastic card to rack up points with each purchase. They can also be "punch" key tags or plastic cards where you offer your customer a free item after they have made a certain number of purchases and reach a certain number of "punches" on their card. The loyalty program will make your customer feel appreciated so they will continue to make purchases.

3. Create a giveaway event

You can easily create an online giveaway through Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest to raise awareness for your brand. A free service like Rafflecopter will allow fans to enter the contest by liking your page on Facebook, following you on Twitter, sharing your Facebook page, etc. and submit their information and when the entry period is over, the app will randomly select one person to win the giveaway. Promoting the giveaway on your website, in your store, and on your social media platforms will gain you new customers and new followers who will be excited to enter future contests and giveaways.