RPI Selected by little BLUEPRINT to Deliver Personalized Books for Children Reaching Milestones and Meeting Challenges

RPI has been selected by little BLUEPRINT as the exclusive partner for delivering their customizable books designed to help children manage life’s challenges and milestones.

“little BLUEPRINT is a great example of the growing market for innovative personalized products,” said Rick Bellamy, CEO at RPI. “RPI offers the customizable platform, state-of-the art printing, technical expertise, and fulfillment capabilities to help companies such as little BLUEPRINT harness the power of web-to-print to meet consumers’ unique needs.”

little BLUEPRINT books employ practical, effective, and scientifically based approaches to help children from toddlers to teens navigate challenges and celebrate milestones such as bedtime routines, holiday celebrations, safety concerns, death and divorce. Through storytelling, little BLUEPRINT™ provides expert-endorsed scripts which prompt questions and allow parents and kids to add their own prose, photos and illustrations to develop and personalize a plan for confidently meeting the issue at hand.

“The little BLUEPRINT approach is based on scientific research and the experience of thousands of moms. Autobiographical storytelling, which connects the left and right sides of the brain, is a proven way to help children use their reasoning and emotions to thrive through anything they encounter in life,” said, Katherine Eskovitz, founder and CEO of little BLUEPRINT. “We are excited to be working with RPI whose expertise and global presence will help make little BLUEPRINT a standard in children’s libraries.”