InfoTrends Launches New Customer Communications Advisory Service

InfoTrends is pleased to announce the development of a new advisory service—Customer Communications Channels & Trends —that will focus on the bills, statements, legal notices, letters, payment due reminders, and other critical messages that organizations send to their customers.

This service will track:

  • Shifts from paper-based to paperless delivery and payments
  • Changes in delivery channels, including physical mail, web portals, e-mail attachments, and mobile apps
  • Shifts in consumer primary access point, from interacting directly with the sender to accessing the communications via a consolidator
  • Market developments, emerging services, and trends
  • Dynamics among inbound communications, including payment insight

Building from its recent study entitled The Future of Multi-channel Transactional Communications, InfoTrends will provide insight into behavioral and attitudinal shifts among consumers, business strategy shifts within key vertical markets, and key delivery channels and trends.

“The business of sending critical customer communications has never been more dynamic,” noted service Director Matt Swain. “With growing customer demand for mobile communications, consolidated access, and improved messaging—in addition to a business focus on accelerating customers’ paperless adoption—this service will offer clients ongoing access to our research, insights, and market analysts for business development and strategic planning support.”

InfoTrends is excited to now offer this exclusive advisory service, which is designed to be highly relevant to enterprises sending consumer bills and statements, transactional service bureaus, and other key stakeholders in the customer communications market.

For more information on InfoTrends’ Customer Communications Channels & Trends Consulting Service, please contact Scott Phinney at +1 781.616.2123 or