InfoTrends Announces New Series of Research Projects Within the Decor Marketplace

InfoTrends has announced a new series of research projects within the décor marketplace that over time will cover the main methods and applications of using digital technologies for industrial and functional printing. Profiting through Digital Printing within the Décor Marketplace is aimed at quantifying the demand for digital printing by architects and interior designers (A&D), and assessing the opportunities for growth that this demand brings to décor producers and equipment manufacturers of digital printing solutions.

Decorative printing has long been a way to provide businesses and consumers with a way to surround themselves with color rich patterns and imagery in residential, commercial and other spaces that can benefit from innovative architectural and interior design. The desire to customize our working and living spaces is a powerful driver that spells a wide-reaching need for decorative printing in several key applications including ceramic tile, glass, textile, sign & display, laminates, flooring, and wall covering.

Typically, production methods for decorative elements achieved the desired look and feel using traditional, analog print processes. Today, digital printing is capturing ever-growing production volumes worldwide in a range of décor applications. “Digital printing enables custom production in small or large quantities, produces quality output with less manpower, waste, and environmental impact, and reduces turnaround time to meet client’s needs,” says Ron Gilboa, Director of InfoTrends’ Functional and Industrial Printing Service. “This research will help equipment manufacturers, décor product producers, and A&D’s understand product offerings, and the addressable market for digital solutions in the décor marketplace.”

This study will:

  • Gain detailed insights from the A&D community on awareness and planned use of digital printing now and in the future
  • Understand décor producers’ digital requirements and business strategy to meet A&D needs
  • Identify opportunities for technology vendors who seek new growth path in digital décor printing

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