Exclusive Furniture Decoration

IQDEMY has announced new applications catering to the furniture and interior design market.

Technologies and equipment of SUN Studio art centers allow application of any image on furniture facades made of any materials – wood, MDF, chipboard, glass, stone, laminated film…etc.

Clients can choose a monochrome ornament, a full-color painting or a photograph to decorate their kitchen, lounge, hall, wardrobe, furniture for children's room, bedroom …etc. Substrate dimensions can be up to 2 x 3 meters per piece. IQDEMY’s innovative leading technology of UV LED printing and printing materials enables odourless printing not posing any hazards during printing nor during display or usage later on.

Three-dimensional haptic printing on objects, flat surfaces as well as rigid materials enables SUN Studio art centers to create a texture that simulates different surfaces such as natural wood, stone, leather, stained glass. In addition, stunning effect can thus be created by putting emphasis on certain motifs within the artwork.

“IQDEMY’s range of large format printers encompasses machines featuring printheads that enable high quality prints for near and far viewing of objects”, says Sergey Tyrov, Director Equipment Sales at IQDEMY. “The so created prints are highly durable and scratch resistant and it is really hard to damage them thus making them ideal to be used for furniture and other indoor applications.”