Cascades Inc.

Improvements Made to Cascades' Rolland Opaque and Rolland Hitech Papers

Cascades Fine Papers Group has introduced improvements to its Rolland Opaque and Rolland Hitech papers. Rather than their former blue-white shade, these papers are fresher with a pure white shade. Manufactured at the Rolland mill, they have a cleaner and whiter surface now better than ever before.

As always, this change demonstrates Rolland's tradition of continuous performance. For several decades, Rolland Opaque and Rolland Hitech have been producing high quality documents. Over the years, they have been enhanced to specifically adapt to the needs of both offset as well as digital printing. The improved version results in even more vivid and impactful documents.

"With these changes, we are inviting our customers to rediscover these exceptional papers," says Normand Champagne, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Cascades Fine Papers Group. "With an even whiter shade, the family of Rolland Opaque paper products offers environmentally friendly options that now are better positioned to meet market needs."

With a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer fiber, Rolland Opaque and Rolland Hitech still maintain their high environmental standards. Certified FSC and EcoLogo, they are made in Canada using local and renewable biogas energy.