SUN Studio Prints Pictures on Canvas

IQDEMY has announced that its franchisees can apply images and graphics for the indoor market on canvas and other textile media.

Nowadays printing on canvas is one of the most interesting and promising opportunities within the development of printing services. Many consider it a new genre of fine art display whereby techniques of painting and photography are combined with printing technology.

Any image can be applied on canvas – from the reproduction of classic pictures to author’s photos, holiday images or photo collages. Indoor applications for canvas  range from apartments and homes to country houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, fashion boutiques, clubs, schools to corporate companies.

A painting on canvas is an excellent birthday gift for friends and relatives. It is possible to realize the most unusual idea to surprise your loved ones. Designers will handle your material, add special effects, and in some cases restore lost parts. Results will be exceeding any expectations whereby it is an extraordinary design object made for an individual at the orderer’s request.