CPrint International

CPrint Changes in Store for 2014

A major change in structure by CPrint International in 2012 is allowing the former print franchise to adapt faster to the changing business needs of print shops and sign companies. According to CPrint Chairman Tom Crouser, “We continue to serve independent business owners with the only change being that we no longer have the weight of a franchise agreement and its restrictions. We now have a regular agreement providing similar services with more flexibility and at a lower cost.” The company last issued a franchise agreement in 2012.

“We continue to offer our proven business methods that help businesses become more profitable, better organized, and better prepared to face the changes taking place in the industry,” said Crouser. “The change is that we see less potential for affiliates to market as a group. That’s because of the rapidly expanding non-uniform services adopted by independents which wasn’t the case in 2004 when we launched the brand,” Crouser noted.

According to Crouser, services such as embroidery, sign making, wide format, websites, and marketing services have been added. This diversity of products and services makes it difficult to develop an encompassing marketing brand. However, there is still a strong need for independent print and sign shops to have access to expert advice, quality training and proven guidance to make their companies successful.

“Our core services remain the same,” said Crouser, “We are first and foremost business consultants who analyze and advise. Specifically, we help owners make and retain cash; create business to business sales opportunities; develop selling plans; help with people issues; and work with multiple family members involved in a business.”

The company continues to deliver services through onsite visits, board meetings, online meetings, webinars, and a core of educational training programs available online at any time to both owners and employees. “CPrint’s aim is to help owners focus on the important aspects of their business so they can achieve the two basic rewards for running a business: more money and more time to enjoy their lives,” said Crouser.