SUN Studio Starts Sale of Modular Prints

IQDEMY has announced that one of the new upcoming applications – canvas printing on differently sized segments of frames in order to combine different images into a new one that encompasses the topic, are now being executed by Sun Studio.

The number of modules can vary – diptych, triptych, polyptych – according to motif, size and available space. In addition, the motifs and single frames can be of different sizes and orientation – horizontal, vertical, diagonal. Clients select the focus of the picture depending on which effect they want to achieve – to visually expand the space, or pull it. After printing the segments are mounted on the wall at a certain distance from each other creating a new overall image that usually adheres to a certain topic. In addition, such pictures quite often create the illusion of movement for the viewer.

IQDEMY’s machinery combined with the extensive knowledge of SUN Studio franchisees enables not only simple but also complicated applications whereby even relief effects, haptic or 3D effects can be achieved by highlighting some elements of the images.

“We have decided to enable our SUN Studio franchisees with this impressive technology for canvas printing”, says Gleb Protopopov, sales director at IQDEMY. “Not only stunning effects but also highly unexpected yet pre-determined results can be achieved by applying haptics and other spot enhancements to the images.”