EFI Launches New Cloud-Based Management System for M500 Self-Serve Copy and Print Station

EFI (NASDAQ: EFII), a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced the launch of EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral, a new cloud-based management system for the M500 Self-Serve Copy and Print Station. The M500 station is the industry’s only self-serve and payment system that allows printing from mobile phones, iPads, USB drives and cloud accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox and EFI PrintMe. With the addition of EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral, administrators can now securely configure and manage their M500 stations anytime, anywhere via a Web browser.

“The M500 station already enables retail print and office supply stores, hotels, libraries, college campuses, and government offices to provide their customers with an easy-to-use, self-serve payment system for copy and print services,” said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing at EFI. “With the introduction of EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral, we are making it even easier to configure and manage the system. Cloud-based administration eliminates the cost of in-house servers and the headaches of updating software. EFI Self-Serve and Payment solutions adhere to strict payment industry standards and no payment card data is stored. And, being able to securely change pricing or tax rates at multiple locations with a few clicks online saves time and money.”

Mobile device usage is growing exponentially each year, and mobile users are increasingly demanding print capabilities from their devices. Retailers, colleges, and hospitality businesses who want to provide a mobile printing service rely on the M500 station to provide  a completely self-serve environment for users to access files from their USB drives, mobile devices or cloud accounts and pay for the prints or copies.

With EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral, M500 station administrators can now securely set up and manage each individual M500 station or all stations at once online.  They can easily configure devices, add services without changing the hardware, and set or adjust prices and tax rates. They can also generate detailed sales and usage reports, monitor real-time device status, and update device software online.

“With the proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices on campus, we need to offer services that accommodate students’ expectations, including mobile printing,” said Darrell Duvall, director of client services at Barry University. “With EFI’s M500 stations, we are able to offer self-serve mobile printing to our students using various payment methods including cash cards and credit cards. With the M500 stations installed in a number of convenient locations throughout campus, such as the library and residence halls, students and visitors alike are now able to quickly and easily print straight from their mobile devices, a USB drive or from popular cloud-based applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive.”

The M500 station features a large 10-inch color touchscreen and accepts credit cards, campus cards, and cash cards at the device, eliminating the need for coin-operated machines. It also supports 1D/2D barcode scanning for mobile devices. A simple user interface with support for multiple languages speeds transactions.