SWS Maglev Scoops Up an Award

IQDEMY has announced that its SWS Maglev has been chosen as one of the top 10 new products of 2013 by readers from Paper, Film and Foil Converter (PFFC). Subscribers to PFFC’s E-Clips e-mail newsletter clicked on the items that most captured their interest in the past year, and that number of clicks earned the SWS Maglev a spot in the top ten.

The Russian company has developed the patented new magnetic levitation technology employed in the SWS Maglev. It enables the carriage system to run without friction thus enabling the highest possible accuracy of dot placements never seen before in inkjet printers. In addition, SWS Maglev accommodates 7 colour printing (CMYKLcLm+W), optional varnish as 8th colour, for accurate colour reproduction and haptic images thus enabling printing of stunning images, pictures and many other products.

PFFC reports: “...the SWS Maglev (magnetic levitation) UV LED printer … features Ricoh Gen5 printheads. It offers an automatic ink recirculation system said to extend the life of the printheads; an automatic material positioning system and vacuum table to prevent material shifts during printing; roll-to-roll feed system for printing on flexible materials on rolls; automatic safety system that prevents printheads from coming into contact with curved parts of substrates; and automated cleaning and thermal stabilization of the ink system. Substrates such as films, foils, Styrofoam, wax, polyester, aluminum, and more can be printed at speeds up to 150 sq mph in draft mode.”

“We are very proud to have been included in the list of the top 10 new products of 2013 by the readers of PFFC”, says Vlad Mirchev, CEO and founder of IQDEMY. “The SWS series printers are sought after all over the world and our own franchisees from the global SUN Studio network love to work with it, too. It offers them distinction and differentiation from the competition as well as the ability to print on all kinds of substrates that could not be printed on before.”