Mellow Colour

ImpressionProof for Remote Color Critical Print Run Approval

Print color management & training specialists, Mellow Colour have recently released the latest version of ImpressionProof, the Internet-based print run approval system launched at Drupa 2012. Mellow Colour have gained a considerable following from leading brands concerned with color critical print.  Notable amongst these is Marks & Spencer a leading UK retailer who are a keen advocate of Print Quality Management Systems.

The Mellow Colour ImpressionProof remote print run approval system requires that printers take two stages of training in print quality management and quality control before being audited to access competence.

When printers achieve the required level of competence they are ‘Self Certified’ to submit print run data via the internet to their clients for approval. Using the new ImpressionProof print run approval system, customer press passing and physical print submissions are a thing of the past.

To make sure the system is being used as is should be the Global Mellow Colour network of Consultant Partners spot check printers at random on behalf of their clients to assure that previously uploaded measurements and print match. Certified printers are required to keep print samples and measurements for six months from the date of printing.

The impact of ImpressionProof is vast – as well as saving huge amounts of expense in the print supply chain, and speeding up cycle times, Mellow Colour are making big steps in evolving the print industry towards a more sustainable future, reducing travel, carbon emissions and waste dramatically.

Proving its own success, the Mellow Colour ImpressionProof system implementation has been underway for Marks & Spencer Plc for the past 12 months. Over 70 percent of the M&S clothing print suppliers are now ImpressionProof Certified and make internet submissions via the MellowCloud Web Service.

It is expected that the remaining Marks & Spencer print suppliers currently in the process of developing their quality management systems, will achieve certification for internet submissions before April 2014.

The Marks & Spencer Print Quality Management System is administered for them by Magnet Harlequin the innovative Uxbridge based pre-press provider.  Stage One of the Marks & Spencer Print Quality Management System relied on physical print submissions for Magnet Harlequin to measure and approve.

Trevor Hatchett, Head of GM Packaging - Production, Quality and Sourcing at Marks & Spencer commented, “We have worked with the team at Magnet Harlequin and Mellow Colour for over 3 years and made great technological advances with our approach to global colour quality management. Marks & Spencer continue to challenge both Magnet Harlequin and Mellow Colour to push boundaries & ensure our global suppliers are working to increasingly higher standards.

At Marks & Spencer we feel that the Mellow Colour model gives us the best opportunity to manage our corporate image, not only locally across the UK but within our international business as well.”

Alan Dresch, Director at Mellow Colour said “Using a combination of training, auditing and our specialized tool, printers all over the world are now fully equipped to turn the craft of printing into a measurable, standardized process. This means two things.

Firstly brands can have confidence in reliable and consistent colour by choosing to work with Mellow Colour certified suppliers, and secondly printers can develop a real cutting edge USP to set themselves apart from the crowd. Adopting technology & a new approach to colour management reduces waste, saves time, saves money & really does increase customer satisfaction.”