Felix Schoeller Digital Media Reorganized and Well-Positioned into 2014

Right on time for the start of 2014, the Felix Schoeller Group reorganized its business activities in the field of digital printing. The Business Unit Digital Media now concentrates all its strengths and competencies on print media for the digital printing market and has positioned itself as a full-range supplier.

Jörg Borker, General Manager and new head of worldwide sales for the business unit stresses: “The Felix Schoeller Group is stronger than ever. Whereas other manufacturers of photo and digital printing paper struggled with difficulties last year, the Felix Schoeller Group is able to look back on an exceptionally successful year. We offer our customers security, stability and success.”

To make sure the market can continue to rely on these qualities in the future, Felix Schoeller Digital Media is set to expand its product range in 2014 and invest heavily in internationalising its sales operations. In this, the Business Unit’s strategy is remaining faithful to the company’s brand promise “Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.”

Strengthening our sales operations

Jörg Borker emphasizes: “We want to be even closer to our customers, which is why we are reinforcing our regional sales operations with experienced paper and digital printing experts.” In February 2014, three new sales offices will open in growth markets. Whereas an office for the eastern European market will open in Prague, the Russian market will in future be served by the Moscow office. At the same time, a sales centre will be set up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to give us even better access to the South-East Asian market.

Paper is critical to success in digital printing

Since the beginning of the year, Thomas Leifert, who is also General Manager, has been in charge of product management, the expansion and development of the product portfolio and working with customers on joint development of products. “The quality of the print result depends crucially on the paper used - especially in digital printing,” says Leifert. “That is why Felix Schoeller Digital Media specially develops its digital printing media for the different technologies such as liquid toners, dry toners, large-format inkjet and high-speed inkjet. We are looking forward to presenting exciting new developments with real added value at selected trade shows such as photokina or Fespa over the next few months.”

But it is not only the production quality that depends so strongly on the paper used: it is also important for the print product’s effect. If print products have the right feel, they offer genuine additional value compared with digital forms of communication. The right paper plays a huge role here. “The quality provided by Felix Schoeller Digital Media is exceptional, because Felix Schoeller is a company that has its roots in the photo paper business. We have transferred the very highest standard of quality to digital printing,” Thomas Leifert argues. Numerous awards such as HP’s “Best-Performing Substrate” or “5 Diamonds” in Kodak’s ratings for its Prosper presses are proof of this quality.

The quality standard has also been reaffirmed by the fact that the Felix Schoeller Group has been the official premium paper partner of the German Olympic team since 1 July 2013. As part of this cooperation, numerous papers produced by the Felix Schoeller Group will be used during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, including in the German House.

Extensive premium portfolio for digital printing

  • E-PHOTO® as genuine photo paper for HP Indigo printing, especially for photo books. The result is high-quality print communication that has that special look and feel of genuine photo paper.
  • SILVER DIGITAL as the benchmark for coated digital printing papers for HP Indigo.
  • E-FEEL and E-PURE, premium papers for dry-toner printing.
  • Top-quality media for large-format inkjet printing: as well as photo papers, we also supply substrates for wall decoration products such as poster papers and canvases, along with digitally printable wallpaper. All the products are available for specific printing technologies (such as water-based, solvent, latex inkjet) and in all possible widths and formats.
  • Proofing-papers: Fogra certified.
  • Media for the sign & display sector: pop-up, roll-up and backlit.
  • High-speed inkjet papers for modern web presses: JET-SPEED and JET-LINE.