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DNP DS40 Delivers High-speed Souvenirs for Hot Shots Imaging at US Top Tourist Attractions

Hot Shots Imaging handles photo concessions for some of the most beloved landmarks and tourist attractions across the country. The company provides photo souvenir stations that offer visitors specialized memorabilia that are printed directly onsite as a complete photo package. But what sets Hot Shots’ concessions apart is the seamless integration of their stations within the attraction’s theme, so customers see it as one, total experience. To meet the needs of their extensive photo printing services, Hot Shots Imaging deploys DNP’s cutting-edge dye-sublimation printers to provide exceptional image quality at unparalleled speeds.

The company operates photo concession booths for many national landmark tours throughout the United States, including the Hoover Dam. A nine-person team manages Hot Shots’ sales stations and photo operations at the Hoover Dam, where they utilize four award-winning DNP DS40 printers onsite for 4”x6”, 6”x8”, and wallet size photo memorabilia.

“At many of the national landmarks we work with tour lines tend to get long. The wait times provide an opportunity to take photos of the visitors to pick up at the end of the tour,” explained Mike Yost, Technical Specialist at Hot Shots Imaging. “Controlling the flow of visitors to the sales stations is vital to the success of our operations. The DS40’s we deploy print at a very high rate, with 4”x6” photos produced in under nine seconds, ensuring we are able to sell, print, and package memorabilia before the next group of visitors finishes their tour.”

In addition to the DS40’s versatility and speed, Hot Shots relies on the printer’s durable and compact design. Built to save space, the DS40 is only 12.6-inches wide by 14-inches deep by 6.6-inches and can be stacked when necessary for high-volume print locations.

“We use the DS40 printer at our locations because they offer speed, reliability, and a footprint that we could not get from other options out there,” commented Yost. “The printers are smaller and more dependable. It was a win-win decision for us with the compact design and minimal to no downtime.” 

Hot Shots also provides spec printing solutions for ZipLine excursions and Duck Boat Tours at locations across the country. Each visitor receives a printed photo as part of the ZipLine and Duck Boat excursion packages, requiring prints to be printed and ready for pickup by the end of the experience. Hot Shots deploys DNP’s DS40 printer for their onsite printing at these locations as well.

“DNP’s competitive media pricing combined with the capabilities of the DS40 printer make it the best solution available for all of our daily operations from landmark tours to zipline excursions,” summarized Yost.