IQDEMY Introduces SUN Studio Network Package Deals for Interior Printing

IQDEMY has announced its latest offerings for ready-made business packages enabling print service providers to become part of its worldwide network of SUN Studios.

Print service providers can choose the business offering that best fits their individual settings and future environments. IQDEMY’s business network of SUN Studios facilitates new business and the realization of business ideas. Each and every SUN Studio licensee can choose from a multitude of packages for indoor or outdoor printing on all possible substrates and materials.

Today, IQDEMY announces a time-limited offer for print service providers wanting to enlarge their interior printing capability. “Printers can choose a business that is established by IQDEMY’s secret technology for them”, explains Vlad Mirchev, CEO IQDEMY. “We offer several package deals for successful business realization in the field of indoor printing. Each of them is based on licensee expectations of rates, target market and income. Investment return will be after one working year and licenses income will grow day after day.”

Both, the SUN Studio Palladium and Aurum offers enable print service providers to start engaging into profitable business within the wide field of interior printing. Both new ready-made business packages are available at a discount until March.

SUN studio - Palladium

Center of printing and design. For those that prefer self-employment. Become a director of your own SUN Studio. We recommend to establish location in big shopping malls or places with high traffic. Print large and small format portraits/posters and produce bigger orders such as photo wallpapers for consumers. The business encompasses mass production with guaranteed profitability at very competitive prices. “You can earn much even if you don’t have a large starting sum”, comments Vlad Mirchev. All that is required is about four square meters shop front plus about 30 sqm or more production space.

Staff: 2 persons + 1 outsourcer

The package includes:

  • Documentation providing quick startup and investment return.
  • IQDEMY Kingfisher 1600 for printing photos, poster and many more indoor applications.
  • Eco-solvent printer IQDEMY SC-180 for production of individual photographic wallpapers.

Price: €17,000 €13,000 until March 1