Children Play and Dream in Personalized Surrounds

IQDEMY has announced that its network of SUN Studios now offers a variety of prints designed to change every child’s bedroom into fantasyland.

Playroom or bedroom – children need a relaxing colorful and harmonious atmosphere for development. Ideally it should also trigger their fantasy and imagination. That’s why IQDEMY has developed a series of designs catering to these needs for its network of SUN Studios.

That special private space can be equipped with individually printed wallpapers, pictures, canvas or even a ceiling decoration. Furniture fronts and other elements in the room can be printed on with childrens’ heros, figures and much more.

The design of a room for children can be inspired by different subjects. A fun race on the back of the crip will cheer up every child. An underwater world with swimming fish on the wallpaper will keep kids occupied for hours. And which child does no want to play in a room that resembles a racetrack or a starship? For history buffs and pirates a map of the world, compass and ships will send them off into the times when man started discovering more of the world. All this can now be printed by the SUN Studio network. Images can be applied on mirrors, stretched ceilings, floors, personal items, glass and much more.  Of course, every parent can also submit their own ideas and the local SUN Studio will realize it.

The worldwide network of SUN Studio employs the latest state-of-the-art roll-to-roll and flatbed printers using environmentally friendly UV LED technology among others. This enables colorful and beautiful prints on any surface.