Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Duggal Visual Solutions Elevates Sustainability Leadership with SGP Partnership Certification

Duggal Visual Solutions, an industry leader in graphic production, design consulting and visual communication, has achieved Sustainable Green Printing Partnership certification. Duggal's SGP certified facility in New York, NY produces large format latex and UV-printed graphics for installations worldwide.

"Duggal pursued the SGP Partnership because we felt this was an important next step in our continuous sustainable initiatives and improvements," said Heather Gorman, Duggal Marketing Director. "Our clients look to us for technology and professionalism, and we believe that SGP certification demonstrates to them, as well as to our industry colleagues, that we can produce quality products in large volumes while minimizing harm to the environment. Duggal takes great pride in our leadership position and partnerships in providing visual solutions for a sustainable future."

Duggal Visual Solutions embraces "sustainability" as a philosophical commitment to innovate, detoxify and recycle across all aspects of their supply-chain and production processes. Duggal recognizes that there is no such thing as a zero-carbon production process, but by eliminating environmentally hazardous materials throughout manufacturing and initiating sustainability-focused conversations, they are in a position to truly make a difference and inspire others to join.

"Choosing to be a leader in sustainability, Duggal joins our passionate community of SGP certified facilities who are raising the awareness and challenge for the entire graphics industry to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce their collective environmental impact through criteria and metrics developed by SGP," said Martine Padilla, SGP Executive Director. "We are excited that Duggal has joined our Partnership."