MetaCommunications Simplifies Microsoft Office Document Collaboration and Approvals

MetaCommunications' Approval Manager, an online proofing and approval workflow solution, is changing the way that enterprises are collaborating on Microsoft Office documents. Not only is it much simpler than Microsoft SharePoint, it also provides proofing tools for a wider range of documents including video, audio, and web pages.

Traditional Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document collaboration occurs through email chains, on corporate networks, or through other complex collaboration products, like SharePoint. This makes it difficult for multiple users to route documents, edit, track changes, consolidate reviews, and approve documents quickly.

MetaCommunications changes this paradigm by centralizing the document, comments and previous versions into one easy-to-access location, with automatic notifications to keep collaborators informed of project updates and changes. Users have full control over the document's routing and workflow while leveraging the existing review capabilities of Microsoft Office.

"Email has been the delivery mechanism of choice for most organizations because other options are just too complex for casual users. This has led to great inefficiencies in organization and poor collaboration results. We believe Approval Manager is the first product simple enough to replace the email paradigm and empower organizations to effectively collaborate and boost overall productivity." says Robert Long, President & CEO of MetaCommunications.