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Unveiling of Dscoop University at Dscoop9 Underscores the Importance of Industry Education

Dscoop officially announced the unveiling of the Dscoop University portal today at Dscoop9 in Orlando, FL. Designed with the input of Dscoop members for their exclusive use, Dscoop University provides industry-leading, personalized education focused on enhancing business strategy and growth.

A blended learning  environment, Dscoop University portal offers 24/7 access to training courses,  on-demand content, live-streaming and downloadable resources. The curriculum  available is tailored for specific job functions—business owners, sales and  marketing professionals and operations and production team members.

Some of the current  courses available include:

  • Finding  and Retaining the Right Sales People
  • Solution  Selling: Creating New Opportunities
  • Identifying  and Reaching Decision-Makers
  • Maximizing  Production & Reducing Costs by Eliminating Wastes
  • How  to Increase Productivity, Accelerate Cycle Times, Lower Costs and Improve  Bottom Line with EPM

Dscoop is providing  demos of Dscoop University’s new portal at conference so members can see  first-hand the new platform and capabilities.