Miller Weldmaster Corp

Miller Weldmaster Increasing Production Capabilities of Geo Industry as Global Geosynthetics Demand Rises

A report recently published by The Freedonia Group projects that global demand for geosynthetics will reach 5.2 billion squares in 2017. The market research firm predicts that the growth will be tied to improved conditions for road- and structure-building, as well as “growing concerns regarding environmental protection and greater awareness of the performance advantages of these products in a variety of applications.”

As geo liner and cover manufacturers gear up for this increased demand, Miller Weldmaster offers a range of solutions for cutting back on production times and costs associated with production time. The company’s geo welders enable geo manufacturers to increase their production output, minimize their labor inputs, and eliminate excessive fabric handling. All geo welders are able to be customized to any manufacturing specification or demand.

Two machines in the company’s Autobond Automation Series, the Miller Weldmaster Traveling Geo 3600 and Traveling Geo Stationary 3600 are constructed to make fabric welding as seamless and efficient as possible. Both machines are built to produce almost any size liner or cover while minimizing production times. On the whole, Miller Weldmaster has installed over 3,000 machines in over 100 countries across the globe, an indicator of its efficacy in providing comprehensive, production-enhancing industrial fabric welding solutions.