Orbus Exhibit & Display Group

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group's 2013 Environmental Protection and Recycling Efforts Saves 3,400+ Trees and Much More

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group is proud to commit year round to a high level of environmental protection efforts by recycling and reusing materials used in the production and manufacturing processes. The group’s three facilities in Bolingbrook and Niles, IL and Las Vegas, NV are certified under the ISO 14001:2004 standard, and work daily to reduce waste headed to landfills. In 2013, the group’s manufacturing and production facilities strove to protect natural resources as outlined under ISO 14001:2004, and achieved great results.

The ISO 14001:2004 standard provides guidelines to organizations working to establish and maintain an environmental management system. Guidelines such as minimizing harmful effects on the environment caused by business activities, preventing pollution, and achieving continual improvement of environmental performance are included under this standard. Orbus’ Bolingbrook, Niles and Las Vegas operate under these guidelines daily, and the group looks forward to continuing its environmental efforts throughout 2014.

Download a copy of Orbus' infographic here: MyPRINTResource.com/11347082