locr to demonstrate the power of personalization at the Xplor Conference

locr GmbH, the world’s leading provider of personalized maps and geolocation services, will be showcasing their range of services at the Xploration 14 Customer Communications Conference, happening March 25-27, 2014 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.

locr enables marketers to easily include personalized maps in all forms of marketing communications, including print, email, mobile, video, and pURLS. At the Xplor Conference, locr will be showcasing examples of how marketing and print service providers have used personalized maps to generate higher response rates in their campaigns. In addition, locr will be providing examples of how their geo-information services can improve the quality and value of mailing lists.

Oliver Podzun, Head of Sales and Marketing for locr notes, “Print and marketing service providers know that adding personalization to their cross media campaigns helps them to achieve better results. But many providers don’t have the data or expertise to be able to add this type of personalization. That’s where locr can help. Our maps lets these providers easily add highly personalized elements to their campaigns, giving them the tools to achieve better results and, most importantly, successfully meet the needs of their clients.”