Glatfelter Joins Two Sides in Promoting the Sustainability of Paper

Glatfelter has announced that it is joining Two Sides, an independent non-profit organization established to promote the responsible production, use, and sustainability of print and paper. Two Sides stated mission is to help people gain a better understanding of why print and paper are versatile and sustainable communication mediums.

With an international network that spans 12 countries and over 1,000 members, Two Sides continues to educate consumers regarding the recyclable and renewable qualities of print and paper products, which can be enjoyed for generations. Two Sides is providing nationwide education through its 2012 Paperless Claims Initiative to correct misleading environmental statements about print and paper.

The ‘No Wonder You Love Paper’ ad campaign is designed to educate consumers that print media is more sustainable, is made from a renewable resource, and supports sustainable forestry management while promoting the reading experience and enjoyment of printed books and newspapers.

“We join with Two Sides in the effort to educate the public about the true sustainability of paper,” says Brian Janki, Vice President & General Manager of Glatfelter’s Specialty Papers Business Unit. “Their work aligns with our core values and Glatfelter’s 150 year history of sustainability. We believe that in an era where digital media is a leading platform of communication, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate the value of paper and print. We need to continue to educate the consumer on paper’s relevance, its ability to bring high return on investment to many ad campaigns, and the fact that it is a sustainable and renewable resource.”